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ok everyone i have a couple of poop stories. its what i call crappy humor. my most recent story is in my journal in which i will put a link. viewer descretion is advised! ok well im new at this and dont know how to link it and its really long so im not gonna write it again so ill just tell u my username. my name is thelaughter and my first entry is the funny one so you will have to scroll down a little ways. sorry for the inconvenienc but i think you will agree that it is worth it. everyone just keep laughing.
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I like to laugh. I ran across a couple great humor pages when I was doing my Economic Issues paper so I got this great idea. People like to laugh right? So go ahead, make us laugh.

Don't anyone take offense to this community. It's all for the laughs. If we post something, we know it's a joke. Don't try to start serious shit because that's not fun at all. If so, you'll be banned after the first warning. If it's too serious for a warning, you'll be band immediately.

Post pictures, jokes, funny doesn't matter to me.

Just make us laugh. :)